Monday, October 31, 2011


Nothing to story about,just wanna say that i am in saddness mood right now.What i felt and went through before coming back.I hate this feeling.I do not know how and until when does all this feeling will end.It is a feeling of guilt to someone from the past until now.I am not willing to feel all this anymore.No one can help me solve this problem.I feel so stress.Sometimes i felt so sad.Hurh it`s like i sat on the floor while squatting down my head to the knees while listening to sad song.My friends said to me that `u look like always happy n doesnt have any probs in ur life,i hope i can be like u`.It is just what u see in terms of superficial only ok dear.You do not know what i`ve through deep in my heart.
p/s : I love u so much , but i always feelling guilty to u